VELA Tango 100ES chair

  • VELA Tango 100ES chair
  • front view of VELA Tango 100ES chair
  • VELA Tango 100ES chair with ES4 backrest and seat belt
  • VELA Tango 100ES chair with side supports and headrest

Product Information

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The VELA Tango 100ES smart design makes it ideal for home and for school. The chair can easily fit beneath a work surface, and its discreet design takes up very little space, whilst at the same time maximizing the space beneath the castors to allow for foot movement, for those wishing to move the chair unassisted.

VELA Tango 100ES is a modern and flexible work chair ideal for children and teenagers with special needs. VELA Tango 100ES is excellent for use at school, at leisure activities and at home, e.g. in the kitchen, at the dining table or for homework.

VELA Tango 100ES combines the base of VELA Tango and the seating system of VELA Hip Hop into a chair that supports an ergonomic sitting position for children and teenagers to facilitate learning and activities.

The chair's unique adjustable seat and back system, adjustable armrests and foot support may be combined with accessories for even better comfort and support.

VELA Tango 100S has a manual gas spring height adjustment system. If the user needs further help to get up, the VELA Tango 100ES has an electric height adjustment system.

A chair that keeps growing

With the unique backrest arm, you can change and fix the angle of the backrest, and this allows the seat depth of the chair to be adjusted as the child grows. Once the full seat depth allowance has been reached, simply order a larger seat pad and backrest.

Safety is key

Activate VELA's unique braking system to lock the castors. Instantly, the chair is safe to enter or exit, either forwards, using the height adjustment of the seat, or by lowering the armrest and using the 90 degree rotation lock system to allow side transfer.

Smooth-rolling castors and plenty of room between castors allow foot movement for those who wish to move the chair unassisted.

How low can you go?

The superior electric or manual height adjustment range of the chair will take the seat as low as 40 cm for infant and preschool classroom use and right up to an impressive 81 cm for use at science tables or kitchen counters - or for reaching high shelves or kitchen cupboards.

Top quality and design

The design focuses on ergonomics, safety and VELA's high quality standards. Moreover, the chairs have been developed to comply with all applicable requirements and standards.