VELA Tango 510 chair

  • VELA Tango 510EL chair in grey fabric
  • VELA Tango 510EL chair from the right
  • VELA Tango 510EL chair, side view
  • VELA Tango 510 chair, back view

VELA introduces the VELA Tango 510 with high back, head support and chair tilt-in-space function: a completely new model in the series of VELA Tango chairs for activity, relief and rest.

VELA Tango 510 has a high, adjustable and ergonomically designed backrest, as well as adjustable head support. This combined with a backwards tilt-in-space function allows for both an active sitting position and a good resting position and relief in the course of the day.

Now, with the VELA Tango 510 people with disabilities can achieve an even better sitting position and support, contributing to better mobility, activity and participation in everyday activities as well as at work. The chair also provides a varied, ergonomic sitting position, as well as relief and rest.