VELA Tango 510E & 510 chair

Promoting Independence, Mobility and Inclusion
  • VELA Tango 510EL chair in grey fabric
  • VELA Tango 510EL chair from the right
  • VELA Tango 510EL chair, side view
  • VELA Tango 510 chair, back view

VELA introduces the VELA Tango 510E (Electric Hi/Lo) & 510 (Manual Gas Lift) chair. This is a completely new model in the VELA Tango range and has been designed for activity, relief and rest.

VELA Tango 510E/510 has a high, adjustable and ergonomically designed backrest, as well as adjustable head support. This combined with increased forward and backward tilt, provides both an active sitting position and good resting position during the course of the day.

Now, with the VELA Tango 510E/510, people with physical disability or limited mobility can achieve an even more supportive sitting position, contributing to better mobility, activity and participation in everyday activities both at home or at work.

The VELA Tango 510E/510 is excellent for use within the workplace, at home (in the kitchen, at the dining table) or within rehabilitation centres. The chair can easily fit beneath a desk or work surface and its discreet design takes up very little space, perfect where limited space is available either at home or in the office.

Safety is key

Vela's unique and easily accessible braking system locks the castors to provide a stable base, allowing the user to transfer in and out of the chair safely. Using the electric Hi/Lo feature also provides assistance from sit to stand. The new swing away armrests are operated by a push button and will swing the armrests back, below the height if the seat. This makes sideways transfers easier than ever before.


The chair is easy to move around due to smooth-rolling castors and plenty of space between the castors. The ergonomic backrest design also allows the user to move their arms comfortably.

How high can you go?

The superior electric or manual height adjustment range will take the seat as low as 45cm, or to an impressive 81cm, for use at kitchen counters, or for reaching high shelves and kitchen cupboards.