VELA Twist 100EF chair

  • VELA Twist 100EF wheelchair with electric lift
  • VELA Twist 100EF wheelchair with electric lift raised

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The VELA Twist combines the unique benefits of a work chair and wheelchair in one. You get the mobility of a wheel chair with the comfort and height adjustment of an ergonomic office chair.

Flexible Mobility

The chair has sprung rear wheels to ensure that the user can easily manuever over indoor obstacles such as bumps. The VELA Twist is very light to move and can be both shifted and rolled. The wheels have a stylishly concealed parking brake that is very simple to use.

Everything in Reach

The VELA Twist is a very adaptable chair which can be used throughout the day, whether eating at a table, working at your computer or you want to grab something from the kitchen cupboard.

It is easy and safe to work at height with the VELA Twists additional electric high-low reach. The electrically adjusted seat can be adjusted from 40 cm to 74cm. The chair is always firm to the ground even at full height due to its stable base.

Individual Adjustment

The seat depth, back and armrests are adjustable to fit the users personal needs. The VELA workshop is able to accommodate any special requirements for colours and materials.