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We’ve been trialling the stylish Contour Rollermouse Red alongside the gorgeous Balance Keyboard and have to say the results are amazing. If your workload consists of scrolling through and amending documents, spreadsheets, databases etc. or if you suffer from aches and pains caused from repetitive ‘mousing’ and constant computer use, then this could well be the ergonomic duo for you!

A completely different way of working; the devices are centrally located in front of your keyboard, minimising your working area whilst creating synergy in the workflow between your keyboard and mouse and reducing pain caused by conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and muscular fatigue in the neck and shoulders. Handy copy and paste buttons in additional to programmable short cut keys will change the way you work forever!

With working from home demanding modern, space saving alternatives to your standard keyboard and mouse, we would say this duo is a must!

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Contour Rollermouse Red