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Aspire is a brand new interactive support platform that can be used within organisations to support employees with many aspects of their working lives. Aspire supports with workplace skills, assistive technology, mental health and wellbeing and career progression and support.

Content can be tailored for the individuals needs and the organisations outcomes when managed via a site licence.

Workplace skills

Workplace skills offers pathway focused learning, providing bite sized support in the right place at the right time. Core content aids organisation & time management, written work, group work, presentations, mindful and effective communication, and self-appraisal.

Aspire bridges the gap between 1-1 support and assistive technology solutions, providing tailored content to support users to maximise their learning potential and performance in the workplace.

Mental Health and Wellbeing provides a tool kit of resources to encourage positive psychology, promote holistic wellness, build resilience, promote good sleep hygiene, build self-esteem, and support stress management.

Career Progression & Support helps users transition into the workplace and supports their progress along their chosen career path. Specific disability-related career support is also included.

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