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VELA Chairs

As a trusted and well-established VELA reseller, we have access to the complete range of VELA mobility and healthcare seating. Our chairs are designed to promote greater independence for all age groups, whether at home, work or in the classroom. Every VELA chair we provide is specified to the exact requirements of the end-user, ensuring it is well matched to the task and the abilities of each person.

At the heart of every VELA Tango chair is the same unique braking system, designed to inspire greater confidence for those in need of greater stability when the chair is in use. A 4-point base allows the user to ‘walk’ the chair, whilst eliminating potential trip hazards posed by a regular 5-star base. With a choice of manual gas lift or electric Hi-Lo actuator, users can gain additional help with standing or transferring from manual/powered wheel chairs. Our range of VELA Salsa and Samba stools are particularly well suited to those using sit-stand workstations and for those engaged in more practical tasks.

Prior to purchase we would like to ensure every aspect of the chair is right for you, so we would highly recommend an onsite assessment with one of our VELA experts.

VELA chairs range
Children's Chairs

VELA independent seating for juniors

VELA Children's chairs is a range of safe chairs for activities, developed for children and young people with special needs.

VELA children’s chairs are perfect for use in school and at home since the central brake provides stability for working, and when the child or young person has to get into and out of the chair. Each chair has optional electric height adjustments for assistance with getting into and out of the chair, or to vary the seat height while the user is in a seated position.

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Teenager and Adult Chairs

VELA independent seating for adults

A conventional office chair does not always fit the requirement of every user. In certain situations, our range of VELA teenager/adult seating may be the ideal solution.

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Teenager and Adult Chairs

VELA independent seating for seniors

As we get older, we can become tired quickly and lose our balance more easily, creating a risk of a trip or fall. This can mean that performing everyday tasks such as cleaning, cooking, getting dressed and standing up/sitting down become more difficult. The VELA Tango 700E activity chair is a mobility aid designed to help people in their later years to remain independent.

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Bariatric Chairs (up to 31.5 stone)

VELA Bariatric chairs (up to 31.5 stone)

VELA Tango 300 is a work chair developed for users who weigh up to 200 kg.

The chair enables the users’ level of activity, ability to get around without assistance and independence. Its unique brake system ensures a stable work place, and smoothly running wheels mean that the user can ‘walk’ the chair whilst in the seated position. The chair is robust and can withstand massive weight, intense movements and restless users.

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Sit/Stand Stools

VELA Sit/Stand stools

VELA Sit-stand chairs provides the possibility of good ergonomics, and the chair is very suited as a relieve chair for a variated work day with both standing and sitting routines.

VELA sit-stand chairs provide extra safety and stability for the user. A tilted seat supports a healthy posture with an open hip angle and free movement of the shoulders and arms when carryout tasks, for example in the kitchen and working at high levels.

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