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VELA independent seating for juniors

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Does your child want to become more independent and feel included in activities with their classmates and relatives?

Many children with mobility issues can feel isolated from their peers. The VELA Tango 600ES has a discreet design which blends into the home or school environment whilst providing additional support and functionality that a child needs to help them be independent and remain included.

Increasing independence
The VELA Tango 600ES is an activity chair for children and young people which increases the independence and mobility of the user whilst providing maximum comfort and support at school and home. The user can apply the brake and raise the height of the chair independently to safely get in and out of the chair.

Aiding concentration
The supportive paediatric seating and backrest helps the user sit in the optimum sitting position with minimal effort. This helps support learning and increases concentration as the user has more energy to focus.

Ergonomic support
The seat height can be adjusted to fit any table or desk height. The chair’s footplate is raised and lowered simultaneously with the seat ensuring feet are fully supported at all times. Various additional accessories are available such as lap belts, lateral supports and headrests to further increase support and comfort.

Key Features:

Easily accessible brakes ensure stability when transferring in and out of the chair.

Wheels are positioned on all four corners of the base, enabling the chair to be moved easily around the home or classroom.

With many different seat and back sizes available, the chair truly grows with the child. Accessories are retrofittable enabling the chair to adapt to ever changing requirements.

Electric ‘hi/lo’
The chair rises at the touch of a button allowing the user to access work surfaces of different heights such as science benches, breakfast bars and dining room tables independently.

With it's small footprint, this model is ideal for tight spaces in the classroom or at home.

Tasks VELA Tango 600ES can support you with
  • Accessing higher surfaces (science benches, breakfast bars, dining room table)
  • Eye level interaction
  • Reaching high cupboards
  • Transferring to alternative seating or wheelchair
  • Standing up and sitting down
  • Desk/dining room table activities
  • Manoeuvring around the classroom or home
Tango 600S: A manual gas lift version is also available.

This has the same features as the 600ES but without the electric ‘hi/lo’ lift.

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VELA Tango 600ES

VELA Tango 600ES - (Electric Lift)

The VELA Tango 600ES is a children’s chair with electric height adjustment – perfect for children and young people with special needs. The electric height adjustment helps the child to get into and out of the chair and makes it possible to vary the seat height for different activities.

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VELA Tango 600S

VELA Tango 600S - (Manual Gas Lift)

The VELA Tango 600S is a safe chair for children and young people with special needs. The chair is perfect for use in school and at home since the central brake provides stability during activity and when the child has to get into and out of the chair.

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