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Much of the UK population has unexpectedly found themselves working from home. This is a ‘first experience’ for many and often the first time without a dedicated workspace in the office. Naturally our first instinct is to think short-term and head for the sofa with our laptop; however there is evidence to show that this temporary solution tends to become much more long-term. Working from the sofa with the TV in the background might seem absolutely perfect; however we place ourselves at risk of developing musculo-skeletal issues such as lower back and neck pain by adopting these postures for prolonged periods.

At Bennett Workplace we believe home-workers can be healthier and more productive by setting up a dedicated work area, using simple and cost-effective ergonomic solutions. So often people feel like they don’t have space for bulky home-office furniture; however with a little planning and smart choices with furniture, your ideal home-office setup could be more achievable than you think.

Why not check your current equipment against the DSE requirements check list. These regulations help employers achieve compliance but they are a great start for home workers to self-assess.

Assistive Technology Training


  1. Is your chair height adjustable?
  2. Does your chair include a height adjustable back support?
  3. Does your chair have a stable base e.g. castors or glides
  4. Do you have access to a foot rest if necessary?


  1. Desk within range 705mm - 735mm (BS EN ISO 9241-5)
  2. Kneehole depth/width at least 600mm
  3. Are you able to adjust the height of your screen?

Whether you pass or fail on the above, we would recommend our online DSE-assessment for anyone setting up a brand new workspace, especially those working predominantly from home. It can also be ideal for those who are beginning to suffer the consequences of prolonged sitting and looking to invest in workstation equipment. One of our expert assessors will undertake a remote assessment with you via Zoom ® with optional video-calling. The whole process takes only 20 minutes and you will receive your report electronically with recommendations specifically for you.

Adjusting your chair and sitting correctly

Adjusting your chair and sitting correctly

A good-fitting ergonomic chair that provides basic adjustment should be a primary consideration when setting up your workstation.

For many it will be the biggest investment when setting up your home-office, but it doesn’t need to cost the earth! Once you have found the perfect chair for you and your budget, it’s really essential that it’s adjusted correctly in order to provide you with the maximum benefit.

Check out our simple guide – Correct chair setup - the basics on the ergonomic advice area of our website.

Setting up your laptop

Working on the sofa or at another ill equipped work area may be ok for a few days or a couple of weeks but realistically people will start to show signs of musculoskeletal disorders within a short period of time.

Your laptop can often be the culprit because the screen cannot be independently adjusted from your keyboard. We recommend that the top 30% of your screen area is aligned to your eye level after your seated height has been determined. This will help encourage your head to stay in a neutral position whilst promoting improved pelvic and spinal alignment.

Our laptop posture packs can be a great start in getting you set up correctly. We have different options to suit every budget, ranging from simple laptop stands to light-weight wireless solutions for your laptop bag.

Setting up your laptop