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VELA independent seating for seniors

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Do you want to remain independent at home and continue to carry out the daily tasks which can become more difficult in later years?

As we get older, we can become tired quickly and lose our balance more easily, creating a risk of a trip or fall. This can mean that performing everyday tasks such as cleaning, cooking, getting dressed and standing up/sitting down become more difficult.

Remain independent
The VELA Tango 700E activity chair is a mobility aid designed to help people in their later years to remain independent.

Safety and stablility when sitting/standing
The Tango 700E has an easy access brake which ensures the chair is stable when sitting/standing or performing household tasks. The electric ‘HiLo lift’ can be used to access higher surfaces and cupboards as well as assisting the user to sit or stand.

Perform everyday tasks
The VELA 700E can be used in seated and perched positions to enable the user to perform everyday tasks whilst ensuring stability, comfort and support. This means that tasks which were previously difficult or impossible can be carried out easily and in comfort. Additionally, the easy-rolling wheel means the chair can be manoeuvred around without difficulty.

Key Features:

The easily accessible brake ensures stability when transferring in and out of the chair.

Wheels positioned on all four corners allow the chair to be moved around the home whilst seated

Available in a variety of sizes with different accessories to help you perform household tasks independently.

Electric HiLo
The chair rises at the touch of a button allowing the user to access work surfaces of varying heights such as kitchen worktops and tops cupboards, breakfast bars and dining room tables. The HiLo also assists the user with getting up and out of the chair safely.

The small footprint makes this chair ideal for tight doorways, kitchens and hallways.

Tasks VELA Tango 700E can support you with
  • Cooking and kitchen activities
  • Reaching high cupboards
  • Transferring to the bed or sofa
  • Standing up and sitting down
  • Desk/dining room table activities
  • Manoeuvring around the room/home

Tango 700: A manual gas lift version is also available. This has exactly the same features but without the electric HiLo lift.

Heavy duty versions of the Tango chair are also available as both electric HiLo and manual lift. For more info see the Tango 300 info page using the link below

VELA Tango 700

VELA Tango 700

The VELA Tango 700/700E chairs are the latest models of the popular VELA chair. The chairs offer independence at home and work in a user-friendly design.

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VELA Tango 700e

VELA Tango 700E - (Electric Lift)

The VELA Tango 700/700E chairs are the latest models of the popular VELA chair. The chairs offer independence at home and work in a user-friendly design.

The VELA Tango 700E has an electric lift that moves up and down with a touch of a button.

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VELA Tango 300

VELA Tango 300

VELA Tango 300 is a work chair developed for users who weigh up to 200 kg.

The chair enables the users’ level of activity, ability to get around without assistance and independence. Its unique brake system ensures a stable work place, and smoothly running wheels mean that the user can ‘walk’ the chair whilst in the seated position. The chair is robust and can withstand massive weight, intense movements and restless users.

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