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VELA UK reseller

As a VELA UK reseller, we assess for, recommend and supply the complete range of VELA electric ‘hi/lo’ and Manual gas lift activity and power chairs (currently only powerchairs for adults) suitable for all ages from young children to adults.

Ideal for use at school, work or around the home, VELA chairs have been developed for individuals with physical disabilities or limited mobility and designed to increase the independence and mobility of the user whilst providing maximum comfort and support.

All chairs feature an easily accessible brake system ensuring stability when transferring in and out of the chair and the electric ‘hi/lo’ feature assists the user when moving between sitting / standing positions, ‘hi/lo’ can also be used to get to access different height work surfaces such as science benches or a breakfast bar.

VELA chairs for children are easily adjustable and designed to grow with the child, promoting independence through the school years. As the child grows, larger seat and back sizes can be fitted into the existing base frame ensuring the chair remains fully functional for the years to come and providing excellent value for money.

A wide range of accessories are available such as seatbelts, harnesses, lateral supports, thigh guides etc. which can be retrofitted or easily removed allowing the chair to be adapted to suit any change in the user’s requirements.

VELA chairs in a school