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I attended an open day at the William Merritt Centre in Leeds with my wife, who is my Carer as I suffer from Parkinson's Disease and have also recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's Dementia.

I had been looking for a chair which was comfortable to sit in and from which I could get up myself. We saw the VELA Tango Chair being demonstrated by Chris, who spent time with us explaining it could do much more for me than I realised. As it was a lot of information for me to take in at the time, Chris offered to arrange for a home visit for us from one of his colleagues.
We were quickly contacted by Matt, who arranged a date and time convenient to ourselves, and he brought with him a demonstration chair for me to trial.

Matt spent a lot of time with myself, my wife and a friend who helps with my care. He explained the many functions of the chair, and also how it could be adapted for my individual needs. Our home is currently an extended 1930's property with different floor levels of various types and he took the trouble to try the chair in each of the rooms i use, he could not have been more helpful.

At our request he kindly loaned us the chair for a few days to see how I would cope with it and whether it was comfortable for me to sit in etc. Unfortunately, the different floor levels and door thresholds meant I could only use it one room, as my wife was unable to lift it from one room to another. Because of this we have decided not to proceed at the moment , although we do feel this is an exceptional chair if full use can be made of it.

We would however like to say thank you for the Customer Service we received as it was exceptional, in particular allowing me to use the chair in my home, which allowed my wife and I to make a considered decision. At all times we felt that Matt wanted the chair to be right for me and nothing was too much trouble to demonstrate and explain, in my case more than once! He was very knowledgeable about the chair, all its functions and available adaptations. The experience was invaluable in helping us make the right decision for us at the time. We have not ruled out purchasing one of these chairs in the future and should we do so we would have no hesitation in contacting Matt again.

Keith Marshall

To whom it may concern,

I have utilised the services of Bennett Workplace for the last three years. I am a specialist teacher for children with physical impairments and our service provides specialist equipment, such as seating, for children at school, based on the advice of the occupational therapist (OT).

Our service would contact Bennett Workplace and ask for their advice. We would then arrange a visit to the school with the OT. I can always rely on Bennett Workplace to bring a range of chairs to the school assessment visit which are suitable for trialling with the child. These joint visits allow for a joined up and multi-agency approach to finding solutions so a child can fully access their school environment.

We have worked alongside the Company for all age ranges, from a child who needs access to a nursery setting, to primary and then on to secondary schooling. At all stages Bennett Workplace have offered sound advice and their after care service is prompt and reliable. The company have demonstrated a truly professional service, their knowledge about the equipment is first class and they work in a flexible way. When they meet with the children I have been impressed with the rapport that their employees secure with them, and if teachers or parents are present they are reassuring and sensible in their advice and approach.

Bennett Workplace’s equipment is varied and fit for purpose. The company are willing to think outside of the box to find solutions to a child’s equipment. They take into consideration the individual child’s needs and tailor make a perfect solution for them.

In summary their service has a well balanced approach. They are professional and friendly, efficient and creative in finding equipment solutions to ensure that children of any age are physically and happily able to access school life without any barriers.

Specialist Teacher of Physical Impairment
Sensory and Physical Support Service

I must say my assessment by Neil was excellent. I was a bit sceptical with doing this remotely but it went very well. Neil managed to identify all the issues I am having with my chair regarding the fixed arms and poor lumbar support and the difficulties I am having with the desk. I have had several operations over the last couple of years and the current situation of working at home full time has not been easy. I know this will help no end.

I/we would like to take this opportunity to thank your company in helping our daughter with a bespoke made chair. Our daughter has a condition called Bertolitti's Syndrome which effects the way that her spine is formed she has a fusion on the bottom of her spine which means her vertebrae are fused to her ilium and sacrum which causes incredible amounts of pain and also a curvature on the spine.It is very hard for her to sit for even a short amount of time without pain but with the help of the chair she is able to sit for longer periods with less pain. The chair is designed to not only raise her pelvis where needed but tilt it in a more comfortable position. This has been a god send especially in the current situation with lock-down. The gentleman was amazing in handling the visits with our daughter who also suffers with anxiety and could not have done anymore for her. She felt confident in saying what she wanted and we as a family would recommend the company to anyone. it genuinely has made such a huge difference for her and she is now able to go into her final year of school and concentrate more on her subjects rather than the pain that she is in.

Many thanks again to Matt and the team

Kindest regards

"I spoke to Darren who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Due to the busy nature of my meeting he was happy to complete my DSE in two parts. During the assessment Darren was very thorough in explaining what the regulations are and the impact on my body if I didn’t adhere to these, he answered all my questions and supported me to make the right decision on my requirements. Darren offered me different solutions and left the decision making to me. It felt like a very personal service and Darren’s passion for supporting his client came across very clearly."

Many thanks for arranging the appointment for Matt to come and show my Dad the chairs.
Firstly, I’d like to say how brilliant Matt was throughout the assessment. We really appreciated his kind approach towards my dads situation and he never put us in a position where we felt under pressure, the best kind of service we could have hoped for. His knowledge about the product and his helpfulness to try and achieve the best outcome was fantastic. Please pass on our thanks.

My dad really liked the chair and it is just the sort of product we are looking for however it just didn’t suit his current condition. We are still keeping the chair in mind whilst figuring out what could possibly work. However I just wanted to email and say thank you again, we really appreciated your time and efforts to show us the chair.

Kind regards

I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone at Bennetts. I found the process very easy. My company had to produce a procurement order for a home assessment. Once this was done, an appointment was made within a very short space of time. Rachel, the administrator was very helpful and made contact on a few occasions to make sure things were going smoothly. On the day of assessment, a call was made to advise that the Assessor was on his way. The assessor wore PPE including a mask and also shoe covers. This was very impressive and unexpected. The Assessor was called Aaron who was really helpful and knowledgeable and he listened to everything I said. Questions were asked relating to my condition and he checked my existing equipment. I could see him looking at my current workstation and he told me the chair and desk were both unsuitable for my needs within minutes!

Aaron recorded everything by typing on to his mobile phone which I thought was a great idea. The assessment was very thorough and I felt very reassured that I was going to get the equipment I needed to do my job safely. I suddenly realised how much I had been struggling and how much Bennett’s could help me to do my job safely. I felt quite overcome when I realised this. I have some specialist equipment already but need extra due to other medical issues and Aaron advised me clearly and methodically what I would need.

Nearing the end of my assessment, Aaron took some measurements for the chair assessment and desk assessment also photographs of my current chair set up. Aaron advised that a report would be sent to my employer within the next week or so with a quote. After the quote was accepted, he said he would return to set up the equipment and make sure I could use it safely. Every step was explained to me clearly. Aaron was so kind and pleasant and I was so pleased that he attended as I had been quite nervous beforehand.

I would recommend a home assessment with Bennetts for those who work at home as well as in the office half and half. I found this was the best solution for me. I would have found it difficult to complete an on line assessment as I think the personal face to face assessment is fantastic.


Hi again Matt,

I have been reflecting about our assessment today and wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your tact and professionalism. It could have been a really difficult situation resulting in a young lady with hurt feelings but instead we have found a solution for her seating that she is happy with and will meet her needs well.

I know we don’t always take the time to provide positive feedback in these situations so I just wanted to do that today.

Thank you