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How to request an assessment with Bennett Workplace

To enable us to process your assessment request, please read the following information carefully.

  1. Request your assessment by completing the simple form below
  2. We will raise a pro forma quotation & email this to you for approval
  3. Reply to our email quoting your purchase order number so we can arrange the assessment for you
  4. Our scheduling team will then contact you (or the Assessee) within 3 working days to book the assessment at a convenient time & date
  5. Once the assessment has taken place, a full report with a quotation for any recommendations will be sent by email
  6. To place a subsequent equipment order, you will be required to provide a purchase order including full invoicing and delivery details
  7. Wherever possible we will then deliver your equipment within 21 working days from processing your order dependent on your availability and the items on your order
  8. Payment via card or purchase order will be required
Request your assessment by completing the simple form below:
Assessee (individual requiring the assessment) name:
Assessee email address:
Assessee telephone number:
Address where the assessment should take place including post code:
Invoicing address and cost centre (if different from above):
Invoice e-mail address:
Line manager (or individual requesting the assessment) name:
Line manager email:
Line manager telephone number:
Please indicate who we should contact to book the assessment:
Line manager

Please indicate the type of assessment required:
Standard workstation user assessment (office)
Standard workstation user assessment (home)
Standard workstation user assessment (laboratory)
Ergonomic assessment for driver / vehicle
Diagnostic assessment for neurodiversity
Coaching and coping strategies training
Assistive technology training
Workplace needs assessment
Visual impairment assessment
Hearing impairment assessment

Please provide a brief summary of any specific issues to be addressed in the area below:
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