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Case Story - Ashley

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Case Story - Ashley

Ashley was born with a condition leading to physical limitation. Getting a VELA Tango 100ES chair for school use gives Ashley a better sitting comfort and enables him to more involvement in school activities.

Ashley was born with a condition leading to physical limitation. He has mobility problems due to low muscular endurance. He has pronated lower legs and forefeet which make it harder to walk and balance, and affect his posture and his back. He easily gets out of breath and his walking distance is very short. In addition he has heart problems and nutritional problems – and therefore he is quite small and weak.

Ashley has left junior school and is starting up senior school. He has made a pre-visit to the school with his mother and a therapist, to see how he could cope with the new environment.

In junior school Ashley suffered a lot from back pain and joint aches as he had a standard classroom chair and desk. His mother didn’t really realise that there was a problem until the OT visited the school, and said that the chair and desk wasn’t good for Ashley.

Case Story - Ashley

New Possibilities
Fortunately the OT made an assessment in connection with Ashley’s start at Senior School where one of the suggestions was to get a VELA Tango activity chair. Ashley got a VELA Tango 100 ES chair with electrical seat height adjustment that allows Ashley to adapt to situations with different table heights. That makes him able to sit at the same level as the other students and always achieve a good sitting position.

The chair has big, easy rolling castors and a central brake that allows him to bring the chair to every lesson, pushing it easy along, to where he’s going. The chair has an ergonomic sitting unit with adjustable seat, backrest, footrest and armrests that gives good sitting comfort.

Ashley and his mum about the VELA Tango 100ES chair
  • Due to the electric height adjustment of the chair, Ashley is able to adapt better to different desk heights. This in turn, helps keep his back in better shape.
  • It is much more comfortable for Ashley to be sitting for a long time, as the chair has an ergonomic, soft seat, so sitting doesn’t hurt his thighs, legs and joints.
  • Ashley gets a better sitting posture as he is able to sit at the same level as the other students and it boosts his confidence as well.
  • The Lightweight design of the chair, and its unique brake, make it easy for Ashley to move the chair independently to different areas of the school, and allows him to get in and out of each workstation, hassle free.
  • The chair has a footrest that keeps his legs in a 90° angle, which helps him in the long run.
  • This chair is very well designed and user friendly.

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