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FSH Muscular Dystrophy – Testimonial and Case Study

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FSH Muscular Dystrophy – Testimonial and Case Study

In September 2019, Matt Teed, our specialist VELA assessor, carried out seating assessments for sisters Martha (age 6) and Evie (age 10) who both have (FSH) Muscular Dystrophy.

The assessments were conducted in conjunction with their Occupational Therapist (OT), at their home and in school with a view to providing them with greater comfort, postural support and independence during seated activities.

Following the assessment, both girls were recommended and provided with 2 VELA Tango chairs each for use at home and in school. The chairs being used at school are VELA Tango 100S (manual gas height adjustment) whilst the chairs for home are VELA Tango 100ES (electric height adjustment). The electric height adjustment not only enables them to raise and lower themselves independently for different height surfaces around the home (breakfast bar, dining table etc.) but also to aid sit to stand movement.

The VELA Tango chair is popular with children and teenagers of all ages as the chair looks like an ‘ordinary office chair’ and therefore doesn’t stand out. Martha and Evie were delighted with their chairs as they chose their favourite colour of fabric and personalise them to their own individual taste.

FSH Muscular Dystrophy – Testimonial and Case Study image 1

Evie and Martha’s Feedback:

EVIE Age 10:
"It makes me feel comfortable at school and I like how it looks" FSH Muscular Dystrophy – Testimonial and Case Study image 2

"I like how it goes up and down and I can do that myself" FSH Muscular Dystrophy – Testimonial and Case Study image 3

FSH Muscular Dystrophy
FSH Muscular Dystrophy is a degenerative condition which means the postural requirements of Martha and Evie are ever-changing. The VELA Tango is perfect for this as it can be adjusted to grow with the child as well as having the option for accessories such as thigh guides or lateral supports which can be added retrospectively as required. For this reason, we offer a free of charge chair review service.

Testimonial – Leanne (Mum)
"The Girls have FSH Muscular Dystrophy. F- facial S-scapular H- humeral muscles are mainly affected it does affect other muscles and posture of their bodies. From diagnosis their condition has rapidly declined impacting walking distance, standing and being able to sit comfortably.

The chairs have been great as although they are different the girls feel they don’t look as different as other chairs. They are comfy, supportive and everything adjusts to their individual needs.

Being on wheels is great as the Girls love baking so idea for the kitchen to rise up to the worktops & even with the foot plates they can get close enough by opening the cupboard doors. The batteries are great, Martha is up and down on hers a lot but as long as we remember to put it on charge!

The chairs are checked regularly and the Girls are familiar and have a good repour with Matt (Specialist VELA Assessor). If there have been any issues they always come out to check them straight away both at home & in school.

Testimonial – Lorna (Occupational Therapist)
"As a Community Paediatric Occupational Therapist, providing appropriate seating for children on my caseload is a vital part of my work. Evie and Martha both required specialist seating for home and school which would provide them with a supportive chair to enable them to fully participate in functional activities. A VELA Tango chair assessment was completed with the BWS specialist VELA assessor. A joint assessment was completed with Evie and Martha both at school and home to ensure the chairs met Evie’s and Martha’s needs within both the environments, to establish the correct size and any accessories/ adaptations that were required for the chair.

The VELA Tango chairs enabled the girls to have a good/functional sitting posture, be independent, to fully access a range of surfaces such as tables and kitchen work tops and to reduce manual handling. The chairs have longevity; allowing for growth, are appropriate for the home/school environment and can be specifically adapted to meet the girls changing needs.

Once the chairs were delivered to both environments; the Rep completed a joint visit to setup the chairs which enabled the chairs to be fitted specifically for the girls. Evie and Martha have been using their chairs for the past year and they are working very well for both of them.

The service level received from the team at BWS has been excellent and the regular chair reviews have been very important. I would recommend both the VELA Tango chair and BWS to my colleagues.

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