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VELA ‘Try Out’ demonstration

VELA ‘Try Out’ demonstrations are free of charge with no obligation to purchase. They provide the perfect way to test out the chair before purchasing and see how it can help you to regain your independence. The demonstrations are carried out by our team of DBS checked VELA specialist assessors and can take place within the home, school or workplace. We recommend having the ‘Try Out’ at the location where the chair would be used the most.

‘Try Outs’ take around an hour to complete and demonstration chairs and accessories are taken along for the user to try. This ensures that the correct size and model of chair is recommended for the best comfort and support possible.

Available for all age groups
‘Try out’ demonstrations are available for all age groups from children as young as 4 through to young people, adults and seniors. Where necessary, the appointment can be carried out in conjunction with a parent, carer, relative, OT/Physio or co-worker.

All we require prior to the appointment is some simple information including a brief overview of the individual’s requirements, where the chair will be used and the tasks they will be performing in addition to their age and size.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism
We pride ourselves on our professionalism and understand the importance of making our customers feel at ease whatever their age or circumstances. On arrival, our assessor will introduce themselves and have a general chat with the individual before the ‘Try Out’ to help put them at ease and reduce any anxiety or apprehension.

We then demonstrate the workings of the chair and its benefits and features before seating the individual in the chair and making adjustments to the seat angle, depth and backrest to ensure correct posture and maximum comfort is achieved. Where necessary this process will be guided by the OT/Physio.

Fully accessible long-term solution
Once everything is set up correctly, accessories such as footplates, lap-belts, lateral supports and headrests are considered to further improve comfort and posture (with guidance from an OT/Physio if required).

Finally, the chair is relocated to the environment where it will be used the most and the individual is given the opportunity to spend time using the chair in various situations / locations. This allows us to ensure the functionality of the chair works well in each specific environment and will provide a fully accessible long-term solution.

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