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VELA chair assessments for children / young people

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VELA chair assessments for children / young people

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When it comes to specifying a VELA chair for a child or young person, it is important that we consider the needs and requirements of each individual, the environments in which the chair will be used and the specific range of activities. We therefore work closely with occupational therapists / physiotherapists throughout the process and are often joined at the assessments by parents / carers, class teachers and teaching assistants as their input helps us to make the most accurate adaptations and ensure the VELA chair recommended is a perfect fit.

Assessments take place at the location in which the chair will be used such as at home or in school as this enables the individual to use the chair ‘in situ’ and fully test its suitability for their particular requirements. Once the chair is set up correctly we set about testing it in different areas within the location, trialling the practicality of the chair in various scenarios.

VELAs vision is to produce ‘practical working’ chairs and we ensure that each child / young person can perform necessary tasks whilst seated in the chair, whether that be using the brake to safely transfer in and out of the chair, raising themselves up to work at science benches or kitchen worktops, or lowering the seat for use at a standard height desk / table.

Case Story - Elizabeth

Case Story - Ashley

VELA chair assessments for children / young people