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Lockdown 3 – COVID-19 update

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Lockdown 3 – COVID-19 update

Date - 11-01-2021
Here we go again, another lockdown! The services we provide for vulnerable children and adults falls under ‘essential work’ as set to by the government. This enables us to continue providing our vital services.

As with the first lockdown, VELA have managed to keep their factory operational. The standard lead time for a chair to be manufactured and delivered to BWS is around 4 weeks. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation this cannot be guaranteed, therefore the lead time may be subject to delays.

VELA Assessments
During this new lockdown, Bennett Workplace Solutions are continuing to conduct face-to-face assessments. A risk assessment has been completed to help protect our employees as well as those they come in to contact with. When conducting an assessment, our specialist VELA assessors wear full PPE (gloves, apron and mask) and, where possible, conduct the assessment from a social distance.

To try and help reduce the number of people visiting schools or homes, occupational therapists or specialist teachers can join the assessment via video link if required, a process that worked well during the first lockdown.

We can conduct assessments at any location, be that the school (if the child is still attending) home, work or at a clinic. Our assessors use their experience and expertise to make accurate recommendations even if the assessment is not conducted at the site where the chair will be eventually used.

In order for an assessment to take place, confirmation from the school, parent/carer and occupational therapist is required.

We can also provide remote assessments via video link for any vulnerable children or those that may be shielding. Our VELA specialist assessors are experienced and able to recommend chairs using their knowledge of the common conditions and postural needs of children we deal with.

In order to recommend the correct size and equipment, our assessors would need to discuss each case with the occupational therapist in detail. They will also require the measurements of the child.

To request a face-to-face or remote video assessment, please complete the referral form in the link below. Please state in the comments box if the assessment is to be done face to face or by remote video link.

VELA Deliveries
VELA chairs will be delivered by a BWS delivery technician. The chair will be boxed and will require setting up by a specialist VELA assessor (see ‘setups’ section).

If a chair is to be delivered to school, we need confirmation that someone will be available onsite to accept the delivery as most schools are currently closed.

As with assessments, setups can also be conducted face-to-face, following the same guidelines set out in the above ‘VELA assessments’ section. Alternatively, we can conduct a setup via a video link using a variety of video call options. You will be connected with one of our VELA specialist assessors who have access to demonstration chairs. These will be used to demonstrate and guide the parent or carer through the setup of the chair.

We would recommend the child’s occupational therapist joins the video call. If this is not possible then we would request the occupational therapist contacts the VELA assessor prior to the setup to discuss the seating position they wish to achieve for the child.

Finally, if the occupational therapist is not able to join the video call, we recommend they make contact with the parent/carer after the setup to help ensure everything is correct.

To arrange a video setup, please contact Matt Teed

Fitting of Parts
The fitting of new parts/accessories for VELA chairs will be conducted by our specialist VELA assessors. This can be done either on site (school, home or workplace) or alternatively, the chair can be taken offsite for the new parts/accessories to be fitted. Again, following the same guidelines as stated in the ‘VELA Assessments’ section above.
Once the new parts are fitted, adjustments may be required in order to ensure the correct fit for the person using the chair. As for assessments or setups, this can either be done face to face by the assessor or via video link.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support during this time.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss anything to do VELA be it an existing order or information on future orders, please don’t hesitate to contact Matt Teed.