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Nomique Everest

Nomique Everest

The ergonomic task chair. Wellbeing in the workplace is vital for maximising organisational performance. The Everest ergonomic chair range has been designed to address the daily physiological problems experienced by office workers.

Facilitates a dynamic seating position
Everest’s functionality and abundance of standard features are combined with sleek aesthetics to enable an ergonomic yet stylish solution.

Relieves pressure so you can sit happy
The seat is the most important part of any chair. Everest’s specially designed seat ensures an optimal pressure distribution, reducing the pressure load on the seat surface and maximising support for the user

The innovative design of the integral coccyx cut out and contoured seat decreases the liklihood of developing problems with the circulatory system and causes less or no pain to the tail bone, the sitting bones and soft tissue.

Nomique Everest features

  • Large seat & small seats with integral coccyx cut out

  • Weight activated synchronised mechanism

  • Integral seat slide

  • Fine tension adjustment

  • 5 degree forward seat tilt

  • 4 position tilt lock

  • Additional 13 degree back angle adjustment

  • 2D arms, 4D arms & multi-functional arm option

  • Black nylon, black aluminium or polished aluminium base

  • 65mm hard wheel castor

Customise your Everest
We are all individual and no two people are the same. With that in mind, how do workplaces cater for everyone’s ergonomic needs? Due to Everest’s highly customisable nature, there is an adjustment to suit every individual.

Nomique Everest accessories

Nomique Everest accessories

  • Inflatable lumbar and thoracic lumbar support options

  • Upholstered headrest

  • Memory foam available in the seat and back

  • Light user mechanism (extended lead time)

  • Various castor options

  • Chrome 4D arms

  • Seat and back can be upholstered in fabric, vinyl or leather