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VELA Tango 700

VELA Tango 700

With a VELA Tango 700, you can choose between have two different series of ergonomically designed seats and backrests:

‘Active’ seats and backrests offer great comfort and light support. It comes in various sizes to fit your body and support needs.

‘Contour’ seats and backrests offer excellent comfort and a high degree of support. Both the seat and backrest have shaped with side support that helps stabilise your sitting position.

  • Sit down and perform your usual standing activities without draining your energy
  • Smooth and user-friendly electric lift that ensures a safe and easy height adjustment of the chair
  • Stable and safe chair with a central brake and supportive armrests
  • “Walk” the chair around in a secure and comfortable manner
  • Excellent support and sitting comfort

Product information

- Product Sheet

- User Manual

An image of a VELA Tango 700 chair