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Date & time: 4th April: 11.30am-1pm

Bennett Workplace Solutions would like to invite you and your colleagues to our April webinar, co-hosted with two of our assistive technology partners, Caption.Ed and Aspire Strategies. Find out more about how these innovative platforms can support your colleagues who require workplace adjustments, to ultimately reach their potential and overcome the many challenges associated with Neurodiversity and Hearing Loss.

Don’t have time to attend the full 90 minutes hour session? Simply register and join us for the session you would like to see


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Aspire Strategies – Dominic Bennett

In this session Dominic will demonstrate Aspire Strategies, a brand new interactive support platform that can be used within organisations to support employees with many aspects of their working lives. Aspire supports with Workplace Skills, Assistive Technology, Mental Health and Wellbeing and Career Progression and Support. Content can be tailored for the individuals needs and the organisations outcomes when managed via a site licence.


Workplace skills offers pathway focused learning, providing bite sized support in the right place at the right time. Core content aids organisation & time management, written work, group work, presentations, mindful and effective communication, and self-appraisal.

Assistive Technology Aspire bridges the gap between 1-1 support and assistive technology solutions, providing tailored content to support users to maximise their learning potential and performance in the workplace.

Mental Health and Wellbeing provides a tool kit of resources to encourage positive psychology, promote holistic wellness, build resilience, promote good sleep hygiene, build self-esteem, and support stress management.

Career Progression & Support helps users transition into the workplace and supports their progress along their chosen career path. Specific disability-related career support is also included.

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Bennett Workplace Solutions – Dan Wilson

At Bennett Workplace Solutions we can assist organisations with all their assistive technology requirements, from consolidation of software licensing to ease of deployment, we can provide you with free-of-charge consultation with one of our experts. Dan will talk briefly about how we are currently delivering an end-to-end service, from employees in receipt of Access to Work, through to workplace needs & technical assessments, specialist coaching and AT training. Join this session to find out more about how we can support your organisation in maximising the potential of your employees by implementing effective adjustments.

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Caption.Ed Pro – Chris Hamblin

Caption.Ed is the market leading captioning and note-taking software in the UK. It provides highly accurate and lighting fast captions, supporting professionals to access meetings, conversations, and generate notes and minutes effortlessly. Caption.Ed provides AI powered captions for any meeting or conversation, that’s both in person or online. The software instantly transcribes exactly what is being said with remarkable accuracy and speed.

In this part of our webinar, Chris demonstrates the platform and discusses the various ways in which Caption.Ed can provide vital support for you and your colleagues.