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VELA Sit/stand stools

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VELA Sit/stand stools

VELA Sit-stand chairs provides the possibility of good ergonomics, and the chair is very suited as a relieve chair for a variated work day with both standing and sitting routines.

VELA sit-stand chairs provide extra safety and stability for the user. A tilted seat supports a healthy posture with an open hip angle and free movement of the shoulders and arms when carryout tasks, for example in the kitchen and working at high levels.

The extra-low sitting height enables the user to carry out low-level tasks such as dressing young children, picking items up off the floor and the chair also comes in a high version which is optimal for ironing, cooking, placing items in high cupboards / the fridge etc.

VELA sit-stand chairs have adjustable seat height, depth and tilt plus backrests and armrests, which ensure the best conditions for an ergonomic sitting position, providing support and stability for many activities.

VELA Sit-stand Chairs with brake
VELA Salsa

The VELA Salsa is a range of sit-stand chairs with brakes. This range promotes the user’s independence in a variety of activities by creating a safe, stable, high workplace. VELA Salsa sit-stand chairs provide good ergonomics and are perfect for providing relief in a varied working day with both standing and sedentary work, in the workplace or at home.

VELA Sit-stand without brake
VELA Samba

The VELA Samba is a range of sit-stand chairs which supports a varied working day involving both sitting and standing work. The range makes it possible to sit in an ergonomic work posture with an open hip angle, supporting the user in a healthy work posture during the course of a long working day. VELA sit-stand chairs are perfect for work environments with at low and high levels.

A sit stand VELA chair being used
VELA salsa 100

VELA Salsa 100

The VELA Salsa 100 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with tilt, which supports and stabilises the user.

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VELA salsa 110

VELA Salsa 110

The VELA Salsa 110 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat which has a raised lip at the front, so the user avoids the feeling of sliding down the seat when it is tilted forward.

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VELA salsa 120

VELA Salsa 120

The VELA Salsa 120 is a sit-stand chair with an ergonomic, curved seat with a V-shaped front edge which ensures the user’s thighs are well support with plenty of room.

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VELA salsa 130

VELA Salsa 130

The VELA Salsa 130 has an ergonomic curved seat with V-shaped front edge, which ensures the user's feet are placed apart and therefore affords an active, stable and upright sitting posture.

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VELA salsa 400

VELA Salsa 400

The VELA Salsa 400 has a saddle seat which ensures an excellent ergonomic sitting posture. The design of the seat allows for the natural curve of the back providing an open, active hip angle.

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VELA samba 400

VELA Samba 400

The VELA Samba 400 saddle seat provides users with excellent ergonomics as the design of the seat promotes a natural curve in the back and an open, active hip angle.

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VELA Tango El Sit-stand

VELA Tango El Sit-stand - (Electric Lift)

The VELA Tango Electric Sit-stand is a chair for individuals who need support and safety in a standing position, even in cases of reduced leg strength. The short seat with a raised pommel holds and supports the user and makes it easy to get close to furniture such as kitchen tables, worktops etc.

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